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Cristiano Ronaldo Shuts Up Thierry Henry After He Provoked Ronaldo

  • Publicado em 9 Mar 2018
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Comentários • 0

  • I will get my Redemption
    I will get my Redemption 3 anos atrás +333

    The attitude in this youngster...and confidence at playing at such a big and hard level that's why he is different from others....

  • MR BOZ
    MR BOZ 5 anos atrás +610

    18 years old.. and look how great he was

    • Amoo Olusina
      Amoo Olusina 3 anos atrás +19

      He was 20!!!
      Ronaldo Fenomeno won the Ballon d'or at 20 years of age!!!

    • Anonymous Boiii_69
      Anonymous Boiii_69 3 anos atrás +46

      @Amoo Olusina Lol who cares

    • Anonymous Boiii_69
      Anonymous Boiii_69 2 anos atrás +4

      Paul Cooper Completely agreed, I am a Messi fan but I can't deny the fact how great Cr7 is, Ronaldo Fenomeno was a great player but nowadays is being overrated probably cuz of fifa tbh, Consistency is key and R9 lacked that

  • Shakhawat Forhan
    Shakhawat Forhan 2 anos atrás +75

    The amount of abuse he got in PL holy shit, that's what made him the player and the MAN he is today. G.O.A.T.

    • Dara F.
      Dara F. 2 anos atrás +4

      Because he was a diver. He dived more than anyone else. Have you watched football? or do you just watch highlight reels?

    • Shakhawat Forhan
      Shakhawat Forhan 2 anos atrás +32

      @Dara F. I've been watching football long enough bud, even tho he used to dive back then what he did in 6 seasons what these legends couldn't do in decades. That's the difference.

    • IsaySo
      IsaySo 2 anos atrás +2

      @Shakhawat Forhan Facts!!!!

    • Theo P
      Theo P 2 anos atrás +1

      @Shakhawat Forhan that’s cause pl was physical. If this was Arsenal what was the relegation teams

  • Jordan
    Jordan 5 anos atrás +616

    3:08 can you imagine? The amount of disrespectful ronaldo get. He build his mentality from them. Respect, more than an athlete.

    • last bintang
      last bintang 3 anos atrás +77

      He always rise up and comeback stronger

    • Daniel Puerto Paredes
      Daniel Puerto Paredes 3 anos atrás +6

      memes for world peace nothing out of the ordinariy for a professional football player...

    • Physe
      Physe 3 anos atrás +64

      @Daniel Puerto Paredes here comes the messi fan

    • Valentino
      Valentino 3 anos atrás +31

      @Daniel Puerto Paredes messi fanboy

    • JK
      JK 3 anos atrás +18

      Looks genuinely sad after it, makes his goals that more satisfying

  • A Man Apart
    A Man Apart 5 anos atrás +111

    2004/05 Ronaldo was the best. Although I'm a Chelsea fan I could watch him and admire him endlessly. He was simple, humble and goddamn brilliant.

    • strykah92
      strykah92 3 anos atrás +7

      Top Bins Mate he obviously didn’t even watch the video, never mind any football circa-2005. Bloody “humble” lol. I remember young Cristiano well. For every great moment he had back in those days, people were ridiculing his needless stepovers, yellows for diving, boy band hairstyles etc. Ronaldo himself must certainly cringe thinking about it now.

    • ryan borghini
      ryan borghini 3 anos atrás +9

      @strykah92 lol lol needless stepover ? You like to score goals only when it comes to fooball ? Man have some fun with balls its not for goal only🤦🏻‍♂️ I don't know if you play football or not but I can definitely say you can't skills with ball 😬🤣🤣

  • Zakaria Mohamed
    Zakaria Mohamed Anos atrás +5

    He just scored two goals tonight

  • JmaCruiseControlfc
    JmaCruiseControlfc 5 anos atrás +1326

    Around 19 years old vs the invincibles away from home simply greatness

    • Peak Jvs
      Peak Jvs 5 anos atrás +26

      JmaCruiseControlfc he had shit game? Scored a tappin and another goal? He lost almost EVERY one-on-one?

    • Reza Razak
      Reza Razak 5 anos atrás +267

      KING FUUVULA so what? He scored 2 goals. Lol sit down.

    • Knockout Kingdom
      Knockout Kingdom 5 anos atrás +75

      Man, I'm a Real Madrid fan, been one since 1998. I'm asking you, why the hell do you watch Ronaldo videos? I never watch videos of Messi, never ever. I don't want to see a doped up little shit, that's been treated with growth hormones since he came out of his mothers womb.

    • The Gooner 49
      The Gooner 49 5 anos atrás +10

      Not the Invincibles exactly

  • J Low
    J Low 5 anos atrás +146

    One of favorite memories of Ron in a United shirt. What a performance in such a hostile atmosphere at Highbury. Those black kits were one of the all time best United shirts.

    • Sabus
      Sabus 3 anos atrás

      Ok boomer

    • Kaizino
      Kaizino 3 anos atrás +1

      Slice Of Life 1985 wtf u on

    • ADHZZ 8
      ADHZZ 8 2 anos atrás

      @Aditya Gautam lol 🤣🤣

  • J Tan
    J Tan 3 anos atrás +29

    As many have mentioned nothing to do with Henry, plus people should know when Portugal went out of WC 2006 Henry spent quite a bit of time consoling Ronaldo. I'm sure they respect each other.

    • Aditya Agarwal
      Aditya Agarwal 2 anos atrás +4

      Nah! It’s jus that when you win you become considerate, if it was vice versa , ronaldo would do the same

    ULSTERISBRITISH 1690 3 anos atrás +75

    He plays on the left
    He plays on the riiiiiight
    That boy ronaldo
    Makes England looks shite 🔴⚪️⚫️

    • Julia Shireen
      Julia Shireen 2 anos atrás


  • Zana satori
    Zana satori 5 anos atrás

    He is a legend despite all the abuses and haters... a true legend

  • Gupta General Stores
    Gupta General Stores 4 anos atrás +209

    6:09 melts my fookin heart

    • TLS
      TLS 3 anos atrás +7

      69 nice

    • moha mimo
      moha mimo 2 anos atrás +1

      @TLS hahahahahahhahahahha

    • Starkz1Up
      Starkz1Up 2 anos atrás

      The way he ran over to him, incredible 🥲

  • Tamerlane619
    Tamerlane619 3 anos atrás +123

    3:08 that is the English crowd and their so called gentleman spirit for you. They are lucky he did not score a hat-trick against them.

    • john stanley
      john stanley 2 anos atrás +1

      Gentlemen spirit?
      I think you’re the only one thinks that. We don’t.

    • john stanley
      john stanley 2 anos atrás +2

      What I mean is when you think of gentlemen it’s normally posh people in bowler hats.
      Not working class people who go to these football games. They ain’t no gentlemen and a football game is no place for civility.

    • Nikhil Shinde
      Nikhil Shinde 2 anos atrás +2

      This is english football crowd who are every bit as rowdy as we indian cricket fans are.

    • Raphael Otojareri
      Raphael Otojareri 2 anos atrás +4

      @john stanley Lol during that time in 2006 and the past not now, everyone including English people themselves claimed they have gentleman spirit and never do anything arrogant or unsportsmanlike, well now their true colors are fully visible.

    • UnsignedMusicArtists
      UnsignedMusicArtists 2 anos atrás

      And then you get the foreign leagues who send death threats to players from the club they support. Just because of a bad performance

  • Ugandan in Diaspora
    Ugandan in Diaspora 2 anos atrás

    He came as a kid at United and went as the world's best football player 👏👏

    MARIA MANUELA BAPTISTA 5 anos atrás +1

    Grata pelos vídeos, são sempre excelentes 🔝
    Bem-haja ⚽

  • Edwin Juan
    Edwin Juan 5 anos atrás +27

    Greatest of all times!!!!

  • Basch Fon Rosenburg
    Basch Fon Rosenburg 2 anos atrás +4

    The sound of the crowd in this video is so awesome! And the clarity and calmness of the announcers! Its a shame I didn't get into EPL until after Ronaldo left Man Utd

  • Sampurna Rai
    Sampurna Rai 4 anos atrás +989

    That's why Henry say. I go with leo😆

    • Huey Freeman
      Huey Freeman 4 anos atrás +74

      No its because in his opinion messi is better than ronaldo stop with the bs excuses

    • Young City Bandit
      Young City Bandit 4 anos atrás +24

      Because he played with messi and saw the stuff he can do?

    • Anthony powell
      Anthony powell 3 anos atrás +7

      @CRAZY Simbu go oneside with ur freaky arguement straight flame for you

    • Rajib
      Rajib 3 anos atrás +31

      6 ballon'dor and 6 golden boot .. talk later when you reach.

    • Νίκος Σπανός
      Νίκος Σπανός 3 anos atrás +15

      He said in an interview that Ronaldo is an exceptional player but he liked messi more

  • Faisal Mazhar
    Faisal Mazhar 5 anos atrás +26

    I miss those glorious days. :(

  • Andrés Sanchez Badenas
    Andrés Sanchez Badenas 3 anos atrás +1

    im a messi fan but what ronaldo do at that age is actually insane

  • SchniSchnaMann
    SchniSchnaMann 2 anos atrás

    This dude confidenter at 18 then messi ever was

  • 1DS19ME068 _Joshua pinto
    1DS19ME068 _Joshua pinto 2 anos atrás +2

    2014 henry : and the ballon d'or goes to...

  • oriri ona
    oriri ona 5 anos atrás +28

    He’s a genius.

  • Zaid Arellano
    Zaid Arellano 2 anos atrás

    En el club que sea CR7 es una leyenda, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇪🇸 🇮🇹 🇵🇹 SIUUUUUU❤️

  • 23delpaN
    23delpaN 3 anos atrás +10

    5:42 reminds us his dribble vs bayern munich in the champions league back in 2014 the same dribble the same tackle same fall lol

  • José Pelaio
    José Pelaio 3 anos atrás +1

    "Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable"

  • Mandar More
    Mandar More 2 anos atrás +1

    Great respect for both messi and ronaldo as many years aren't left for them to play, but every Premier League defender and striker is humiliated by Ronaldo that's why everytime asked about best player the answer comes as Messi...

  • clipper
    clipper 4 anos atrás +3

    Wasn’t really instant karma was it... also looking back at this, referee made shocking decision to book Ronaldo after the shit that he was given by the home fans, throwing stuff at him etc. Credit to Ronaldo for reacting positively and then telling them to shhhhh. Big player!

    TUIKEL 2 anos atrás +1

    They talk about how a young Messi taught Real Madrid lessons but Ronaldo did the same thing to Arsenal and arsenal those days were tougher than real hands down!

  • Sukriti Lifestyle
    Sukriti Lifestyle 2 anos atrás

    CR7 ❤️

  • Chapman Alexander
    Chapman Alexander 5 anos atrás +10

    I remember celebrating this win like I had shares in Manchester United

  • Randy Siplon
    Randy Siplon 2 anos atrás +1

    And on this day a legend was born

  • Augusta moreira
    Augusta moreira 3 anos atrás

    Ainda hoje esse Thierry nem consegue olhar para o Cristiano!😂Mas de certeza que o Cristiano Ronaldo,nem se lembra!😉

  • Rai Braga
    Rai Braga 5 anos atrás

    A cena mais Ilária desse jogador é quando ele tenta fazer o drible do fenómeno e cai, é muito sinistro kkkk

  • aznpokering
    aznpokering 5 anos atrás

    Two legends of the game.

  • Rob Moss
    Rob Moss 3 anos atrás

    I’m only surprised Ronaldo got the better of Pascal Cygan - the guy was world class.

  • Jun Li
    Jun Li 3 anos atrás +3

    When football was clinical

  • Fegsta Chops
    Fegsta Chops 4 anos atrás

    Ronaldo was struggling a bit before this game . I always thought this was the night he come of age, and he never eased of since.

  • RayShow TV
    RayShow TV 5 anos atrás +3

    That confident face in the end, that’s Cristiano for you.. #ggmu

  • 38 Baby
    38 Baby 5 anos atrás +35

    Ronaldo was destined to be a superstar and become the best he's come a long way I'm glad he plays for my team the best team and biggest club in the world Real Madrid such a crack at 33 and still going strong #HalaMadrid

    • Viponix
      Viponix 5 anos atrás +2

      Ai Youngboy thats the problem, stop saying hala madrid, are you a fan of ronaldo only because he plays for real madrid? When messi fans comment on messi, they dont say viscabarca, they praise messi period. Most cr7 praises i see follows with 'halamadrid'. Thats why fans cant take you seriously.

    • Sultan
      Sultan 5 anos atrás +1

      +Viponix stfu ,#HalaMadrid loool

    • Viponix
      Viponix 5 anos atrás

      Aziz Adam lol further proof that real madrid fans only think hes the best because he plays for their team. I think hes the best because he scores when it matters most.

    • Viponix
      Viponix 5 anos atrás

      Ai Youngboy lol feel free to call me a moron, in cr7s prime. I think he was the best, but im going around reading comments to see ppls reactions and what not, to conclude if hes still the best and each time i read a nice message about ronaldo. Hala madrid follows. Where are the ppl like me who dont support real madrid and think hes the best.

  • Joe Bilhete
    Joe Bilhete 5 anos atrás

    He's even better now he is unbeleavable

  • Sports Rockstar
    Sports Rockstar 2 anos atrás +4

    Ronaldo is bigger than arsenal now.

    PRO GREEN FINGERS420 4 anos atrás +13

    When football was football

  • Karl Vaopa
    Karl Vaopa 2 anos atrás +1

    Brilliant, mentally and physically developed at age of 18 !

  • valdemar cardoso
    valdemar cardoso 2 anos atrás +1

    That's not the real karma, karma was when Henry give to Cristiano the Ballon d' or.

  • Mario Rosales
    Mario Rosales 2 anos atrás

    15 years later Henry it’s still butt hurt

  • Keep Moving
    Keep Moving 5 anos atrás +52

    No doubt he is the best finisher and always know where to ball end up and scored.

    • sinan acar
      sinan acar 5 anos atrás

      Vincesia Oey i agree with u %100

    • Viponix
      Viponix 5 anos atrás

      Vincesia Oey i think messi is a better finisher but ronaldo is the best goalscorer.

    • kashattack
      kashattack 5 anos atrás +7

      Best finisher lol...he has one of the worst shots-to-goal conversions of all the top attackers. He needs 10 shots to score a goal.

    • Viponix
      Viponix 5 anos atrás

      kashattack still doesnt change that hes the best goalscorer.

    • YoungGunner BK
      YoungGunner BK 5 anos atrás +8

      kashattack That happens when you take shots from difficult angles and distances. He takes chances unlike some players who play it safe *cough* *cough*

  • Pedro Oliveira
    Pedro Oliveira 5 anos atrás

    Not shuts up Henry, shuts up the crowd

  • Ulugbek Isakov
    Ulugbek Isakov 5 anos atrás +71

    Henry is one of the humblest and modest players ever.

  • Brando
    Brando 4 anos atrás +3

    Greatest player ever!!!

  • Remember The Name
    Remember The Name 5 anos atrás

    The good old days

  • M7
    M7 2 anos atrás +1

    The reason why Henry choice missi not Ronaldo 😂😂😂

  • cannotthinkofoneatth
    cannotthinkofoneatth 2 anos atrás

    Almunia had a habit of rushing to the striker prematurely.. the 2nd goal was a gift really

  • Ntandoyenkosi Gcaba
    Ntandoyenkosi Gcaba 5 anos atrás

    The greatest of all time

  • vicky vicky
    vicky vicky 3 anos atrás +4

    Theory Henry is a amazing player ever in Arsenal team I still remember watching his matches live in college days...Plz don't compare to CR7 👍 all players HV unique talent in thr own ways

  • Muhammad dawood Tawfiqi

    Remember Henry's face when he was forced to give balloon Dor to Cristiano in 2013

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown 3 anos atrás +1

    Two very special teams from both clubs!

  • WeeeWriter
    WeeeWriter 2 anos atrás

    *Ronaldo was alone @ **5:47** instead of his teammates being there to help him. Get in there!*

  • LeotheOrangeCat
    LeotheOrangeCat 5 anos atrás +25

    this was the game that re-established United's dominance over Arsenal
    remember it well

    • Jovid Bodurkhonov
      Jovid Bodurkhonov 3 anos atrás

      Yeah, but then Chelsea came as well as Liverpool and Sheikhchester Ratty

  • Barnali Basu
    Barnali Basu 2 anos atrás +1

    Whenever I see cr7 in Man Utd jersey I always see a rocket

  • paola daza
    paola daza 5 anos atrás +6

    my Idol ,the best , the king

  • D Tudo Um Pouco
    D Tudo Um Pouco 4 anos atrás

    Se faz isso hoje é punido, saudades futebol de verdade o raiz

  • uchibenkei
    uchibenkei 2 anos atrás +1

    when my favorite player played for my favorite team. those were happy years for me.

    • Davillenueve
      Davillenueve 2 anos atrás

      Now you will be happy again

    • uchibenkei
      uchibenkei 2 anos atrás

      @Davillenueve yeah. i hope they can win some trophies.

  • Vercingetorix
    Vercingetorix 5 anos atrás

    Wait what?! Did Giggs cross into box with his right foot??!?? I thought he is "one footed"

  • Joon Faz
    Joon Faz 5 anos atrás +67

    CR7 got many haters because he is complete inside and outside the pitch

    • Jonn Stewart
      Jonn Stewart 5 anos atrás +5

      Joon Faz complete players can actually dribble and make a simple pass

    • DaCrazy
      DaCrazy 5 anos atrás +2

      Jonn Stewart He can play as a RW, Striker, LW, RM, LM and in his Manchester days he could even play as a CAM.

    • Lubrah
      Lubrah 5 anos atrás +2

      he has many haters because hes arrogant lol

    • Louise Lagerfeldt
      Louise Lagerfeldt 4 anos atrás +1

      Yeah sexoffenders are perfect indeed....

  • haziq cuman
    haziq cuman 2 anos atrás +1

    that shot make you forget he is right footed

  • Better than telly
    Better than telly 4 anos atrás +9

    Come on grow up 2 of the greatest players that have ever lived by a country mile.

  • MuhammadAli_GOAT
    MuhammadAli_GOAT 3 anos atrás

    And now we all know why Thierry says "Messi is without a doubt better than Cristiano"

  • KitCharizard
    KitCharizard 4 anos atrás +1

    Now henry is no where near the majestic cr7

  • koffiged
    koffiged 2 anos atrás

    Henry is one of Arsenal all time great. Ronaldo is one of football all time greats

  • Stef Spin
    Stef Spin 3 anos atrás

    bro all ur vids are sick ur channel is dope AF. dont ever stop doing these vids man. thank u

  • BadChannel
    BadChannel 3 anos atrás +1

    Thierry didn’t really provoke Ronaldo

  • D G
    D G 4 anos atrás +5

    Did Henry handball the ball?? Nevermind that was a different match!

    • Dara F.
      Dara F. 2 anos atrás

      Yeah, the one Ireland won’t stop crying about 🤣🤣🤣🤣 like Ireland has ever had a good team 🤣🤣🤣

  • Herick Mendonça
    Herick Mendonça 3 anos atrás

    As faixas pretas ficaram muito boas.....kkkkkk

  • rafikz77
    rafikz77 5 anos atrás

    Never piss off this man.

  • tookyRama
    tookyRama 4 anos atrás

    He didn't shut up Henry, he shuts up Arsenals'fan

    DEEJAYPATO256 5 anos atrás +2

    Best era of premiership football

    SPEEDO WAGON 2 anos atrás

    bro I like how this has nothing to do with Henry its Lauren who just pushed his head. "Ronaldo shuts up Thierry Henry after he provoked " I mean ok.

  • Sir Duah Ander
    Sir Duah Ander 5 anos atrás +13

    #CR7 supper finisher.... 💪💪💪

    • Mr Kennedy
      Mr Kennedy 5 anos atrás +2

      Sir Duah he does do a good job finishing his vegetables

    • Lok Kan Hui
      Lok Kan Hui 5 anos atrás

      That must be how he stays in good shape

    • Sir Duah Ander
      Sir Duah Ander 5 anos atrás

      #Mrkennedy exactly✅

  • mario amato
    mario amato 3 anos atrás

    Henry best player ever to play in england

  • Sayros
    Sayros 5 anos atrás

    Had nothing to do with Henry, he was shutting up the fans who threw shit at him when he slid by the corner.

  • Savage Anthem
    Savage Anthem 3 anos atrás

    Messi fans are goin to say that Ronaldo started the arguments first

  • swagato sarkar
    swagato sarkar 5 anos atrás +2

    I wish we still played football like this vs teams like Sevilla

  • lukaCOOKIE
    lukaCOOKIE 3 anos atrás

    Messi and ronaldo are on another planet

  • Joseph Pidjolo
    Joseph Pidjolo 4 anos atrás +15

    No wonder !!! Henry heat Ronaldo, and never ever since praised Ronaldo as the best player of the world , he never even voted for him each time he got a chance . I so sorry for henry

    • Joseph Pidjolo
      Joseph Pidjolo 4 anos atrás +6

      Ronaldo still the best in the world .!!!!

  • balf1111117373
    balf1111117373 5 anos atrás

    Fergie genius. Ronaldo started on the Right against Ashley Cole ( probably he best LB in the world at the time) Fergie realised Ronaldo would be more effective on the Left against Lauren

  • alexandros pallhs
    alexandros pallhs 5 anos atrás

    All i see in this video is the greatness of Giggs tbh

  • Shrijal luitel
    Shrijal luitel 2 anos atrás

    🐐 From the Day one

  • Unplugged Brains
    Unplugged Brains 3 anos atrás +1

    Toughest "ilheu" tuga in soccer history.
    Uma bofetada de luva branca para o platini and his crew... Nicely done...
    The only one from Europe that will be at the table with the God's of South America 🇧🇷 🇦🇷
    P.s. j' 💘 la 🇫🇷

  • Indra DD
    Indra DD 5 anos atrás +1

    I think it's normal. Not an instant karma

    MUSIC TRANCE 5 anos atrás +259

    he hates the guts of ronaldo simply because ronaldo has proven he's the best scorer ever the king of the game

    • Amell Wesker
      Amell Wesker 5 anos atrás

      All legends who are egomaniacs are like that.

    • Michael Miller
      Michael Miller 5 anos atrás +17

      lol what?

    • Fatty Ronaldo
      Fatty Ronaldo 5 anos atrás +6

      xXJay_SmoothXx Smooth u must been drunk

    • YoungGunner BK
      YoungGunner BK 5 anos atrás +3

      xXJay_SmoothXx Smooth Zlatan isn't mentioned with the legends lol leave him out of this discussion

    • stumpu96
      stumpu96 5 anos atrás +19

      how the fuck would henry know that in 2004?

  • Max Ryan
    Max Ryan 2 anos atrás +1

    How did Henry wind Rinaldo up?

  • Erik Carmel
    Erik Carmel 5 anos atrás +1

    30 times better than Henry...at least !

  • Julio Gonzalez
    Julio Gonzalez 5 anos atrás

    i missed this Ronaldo

    ELISVAN BEN 3 anos atrás


  • rrjjaimes
    rrjjaimes 5 anos atrás

    The Irish announcer is having a super hard time talking

  • A Person
    A Person 5 anos atrás +7

    Considering these are Ronaldo “highlights” he gave the ball away quite a lot

    • sameera dilanka
      sameera dilanka 3 anos atrás

      And this is only highlights.. 😂😂

    • marcus vergara
      marcus vergara Anos atrás

      Made excellent runs however, and got through the defense. This was before he was an excellent finisher. That mainly came at his last years at man utd.

    • marcus vergara
      marcus vergara Anos atrás

      @sameera dilanka highlights of a 19 year old destroying arsenal lmao

    • sameera dilanka
      sameera dilanka Anos atrás

      @marcus vergara a 6y old could've score those..😂

    • marcus vergara
      marcus vergara Anos atrás

      @sameera dilanka a 6 year old could’ve run past arsenal defenders?

  • Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer

    His divings are fernominal, best diver in premier league in that time.

  • Khalid Shaari
    Khalid Shaari 3 anos atrás +1

    Henry is best plyer😍

  • Sonali Pradhan
    Sonali Pradhan 3 anos atrás +1

    Looks Like It Wasn't Very *INSTANT* Karma.