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Paul Pogba ● French Genius ● King of Serie A | 2016 HD

  • Publicado em 17 Abr 2016
  • ''ReNo9Prod'' brings to you new compilation about Paul Pogba and his last skills and goals from this season!
    Click "Show more" to find the name of the songs and more.
    ✓ Paul Pogba - Freestyle - Goals - Skills - Tricks - Emotions
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    ♫ Music: Prismo - Razed (VIP)
    Video by: ReNo9Prod - 2016®
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Comentários • 0

  • Mo7nd
    Mo7nd 7 anos atrás +2

    Sick Work Bro

  • Dazai
    Dazai 7 anos atrás +1

    je suis français et pogba est mon joueur préféré

  • Alan Benjamín
    Alan Benjamín 7 anos atrás

    Excelente musica y video (y)

  • Footalii
    Footalii 7 anos atrás

    great work keep it up road to 100k

  • King Family
    King Family 7 anos atrás

    pogba est trop fort futur ballon d'or pogboom

  • Spike YT
    Spike YT 7 anos atrás

    pogba hit that dab doe

  • aranFE
    aranFE 7 anos atrás

    Damn so close ! awesome man

  • yahir 7809
    yahir 7809 7 anos atrás

    WOOOO! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • rami muhareb
    rami muhareb 7 anos atrás

    i was kind of sad when this ended

  • Randomplayerandvideos 11
    Randomplayerandvideos 11 7 anos atrás

    What song was that for pogba?

  • Yaboydawg 123
    Yaboydawg 123 7 anos atrás

    what is that song that you put for the ending

  • Alex Orton
    Alex Orton 7 anos atrás

    king of serie A is felipe anderson

  • Sebastian Skywalker
    Sebastian Skywalker 7 anos atrás

    soy el único q vió en el pelo de Pogda una pokeball? xD (02:12 min)
    I'm the only one who see a pokeball in Podga's hair?xD (02:12)

  • Giuseppe Abbruzzese
    Giuseppe Abbruzzese 7 anos atrás

    The king of the serie A is Higuain

  • Swizzim
    Swizzim 7 anos atrás +3

    Only 5k left Reno! 🙌

  • Tim 26
    Tim 26 7 anos atrás

    aller les bleus

  • Edwin Javier
    Edwin Javier 7 anos atrás

    song ? can someone please tell me the song 😢

  • Sofiane Adem Ben Salem
    Sofiane Adem Ben Salem 7 anos atrás

    s'est pas pogba le génie du foot français même si c un très bon joueur mais s'est Griezmann le meilleur et le future bon joueur dans le future sa sera Thauvin. .

    • Matteu
      Matteu 7 anos atrás

      Thauvin tu me fais rire

  • Gaming fifa Sammaka
    Gaming fifa Sammaka 7 anos atrás

    Hues we can

  • LegDaySkipper
    LegDaySkipper 7 anos atrás

    overrated ..

    • OLA. ODUS
      OLA. ODUS 7 anos atrás

      +LegDaySkipper Overrated? By you? or by fellow professionals who picked him as one of the best already?...maybe you know better than fellow pro. footballers of the world?

    • LegDaySkipper
      LegDaySkipper 7 anos atrás

      +OLA. ODUS He is clearly a great player and will be one of the best but people always watch compilations of his skills and think hes alread top 5 midfielder but he isnt ..he has great skills and can carry the team but sometimes he just dissappears completely

    • OLA. ODUS
      OLA. ODUS 7 anos atrás

      "sometimes he just dissappears completely"?
      TBH no player can be at his best 100 times out of a 100; unless you are being unfair or unrealistic, but maybe you know such a player, especially one that is still relatively this young?

    • LegDaySkipper
      LegDaySkipper 7 anos atrás

      +OLA. ODUS Every expert that watches Juve in Serie A says this ..yeah he is clearly a Top 10 midfielder and he is young &has the talent to become maybe the best midfielder but he isnt yet he had too many games where he disappears
      Dont get me wrong but in my opinion he doesnt have much more talent than alaba (okey hes a left wing ) but gets like 100 times the attention