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Cristiano Ronaldo Amazing Skill x North Ireland Full HD

  • Publicado em 5 Set 2013
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    Cristiano Ronaldo Amazing Skill x North Ireland Full HD
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Comentários • 0

  • NinjaMarketing
    NinjaMarketing 10 anos atrás

    Sick skill... I remember when the Brazilian Ronaldo did this move I was like w00t! 0_o

  • iBarTeK7
    iBarTeK7 10 anos atrás

    great skill

  • Tito Munoz
    Tito Munoz 8 anos atrás +6

    The best player ever

  • Sugandh
    Sugandh 10 anos atrás

    to be honest im a portugal fan and i didnt think that they had a good chemistry in their team in euro 2012.They have superstars but football is about team work

  • demon drool :)-
    demon drool :)- 10 anos atrás +2

    all we all can do is just comment while, no one can be as good as CR7 or Messi

  • ZandeKongo
    ZandeKongo 10 anos atrás

    Unbelievable tekkers!

  • Kalmanideskosta
    Kalmanideskosta 10 anos atrás

    Not true, Sneijder was influential in all of inter's titles throughout the whole year, especially CL. But this isn't the first time Fifa screwed players. in 2006 Cannavaro won it, but everyone knows who the best player on the planet was that year...

  • Tugaforce1
    Tugaforce1 10 anos atrás +4

    Hat-trick in 15 min!!! Thats CR!! :D

  • Rimarvelous _
    Rimarvelous _ 10 anos atrás

    Mad skills man but i would love to see that when ur wearing a Man United shirt :D

  • ReNo9Prod
    ReNo9Prod  10 anos atrás

    Agree Brah :D

  • ysif
    ysif 8 meses atrás

    I miss this guy

  • Kalmanideskosta
    Kalmanideskosta 10 anos atrás +1

    Sneijder won 5 major trophies, yet Messi won best player of the year? Not only that, the other two were his barcelona teammates Iniesta and Xavi. Tell me that is not Uefalona right there.

  • ahmed glal
    ahmed glal 10 anos atrás +1

    amazing skill

  • CR7forBeastMode
    CR7forBeastMode 10 anos atrás +1

    Grande Portugues!!! D7OS!

  • Sugandh
    Sugandh 10 anos atrás +1

    ah come on,most of ronaldo's goals were very important for madrid's triumph,he performed in every big match while messi failed in most of them.
    and dont forget the EURO 2012 ,he was exceptional and took a barely average portugal team to the semis which they loast to spain in penalties

  • Rob Sutherland
    Rob Sutherland 10 anos atrás

    Davies should be used to Lallana doing this to him in training.

  • Jeremy Clemmons
    Jeremy Clemmons 10 anos atrás

    The flaw in your argument is using trophies to justify individual achievement. Sneijder was unbelievable between March-June that year -- while Messi was remarkable for the entirety of 2010.

  • Jorge Miguel da Rocha Lima
    Jorge Miguel da Rocha Lima 10 anos atrás +1

    All you jealous people talk much but really dont say ANYTHING. CR7 spread magic as he passes by all that players...CR7 is MAGIC!

  • Jeremy Clemmons
    Jeremy Clemmons 10 anos atrás

    "barely average Portugal team" -- hilarious.

  • vMatzG
    vMatzG 10 anos atrás

    just love ronaldo

  • Qashqay Y
    Qashqay Y 10 anos atrás

    Cris congratulation!

  • micglou
    micglou 10 anos atrás +1

    Pfff... I hate the guy... but if I had only 10% of his talent... I'd already be an amazing footballer. But hey... if I had 5% of Messi's talent I would be just as awesome ;)

  • Amir ALaa
    Amir ALaa 10 anos atrás

    the best

  • Ryan Cosgrove
    Ryan Cosgrove 9 anos atrás +1

    Ronaldo is second best of this generation of football under zlatan Ibrahimovic as the god

  • Thomas Sully Guerrier
    Thomas Sully Guerrier 10 anos atrás +1

    from 0:07 untill the end, am i the only one who heard ''ronaldo you had a job'' ? :D

  • Legofreak
    Legofreak 10 anos atrás

    Nice video!!!

  • kekomitt
    kekomitt 10 anos atrás

    nice job

  • M Christian
    M Christian 10 anos atrás

    Ronaldo best

  • Sheltone Mavima
    Sheltone Mavima 10 anos atrás

    Fantastic christiano can't feid""

  • Felipe Arias
    Felipe Arias 10 anos atrás

    Cr7 The best!!

  • Sugandh
    Sugandh 10 anos atrás


  • Mihretu Alemu Boru
    Mihretu Alemu Boru 10 anos atrás

    best ever

  • Dee Clarke
    Dee Clarke 2 anos atrás

    good video

  • onessa alexander
    onessa alexander 10 anos atrás


  • Mo
    Mo 10 anos atrás +1

    Messi who? Neymar who? Bale who? #VIVARonaldo

  • Amine_Zack
    Amine_Zack 10 anos atrás

    Did you see his Hat Trick ;) ?

  • Kastriot Daka
    Kastriot Daka 10 anos atrás

    Ronaldo #1

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 10 anos atrás


  • DemonTweeks91
    DemonTweeks91 10 anos atrás

    Not exactly Gareth bale though.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic 10 anos atrás


  • K
    K 10 anos atrás

    The fucking best

  • levi smit
    levi smit 10 anos atrás


  • Safuan
    Safuan 10 anos atrás

    this guy might have only barcelona channel only. even Ronaldo he dont know

  • crkin9
    crkin9 10 anos atrás

    nah, they need hulk also

  • SonDua
    SonDua 10 anos atrás

    best player in the world.

  • javi boy
    javi boy 9 anos atrás

    Nice :) messi doesn't do this .... and I am not saying cr7 is better than messi.

  • lotinhos
    lotinhos 10 anos atrás

    outch, that must hurt!!

  • Humano
    Humano 10 anos atrás


  • محمد العساف
    محمد العساف 10 anos atrás

    %% كرستيانو رونااااااااالدو %%

  • R JGV
    R JGV 10 anos atrás

    1-1? naaa, 4-2 for Portugal ;)

  • kam357
    kam357 10 anos atrás

    unballleeevaaaableeee tekkaaaassss

  • Toby le rone
    Toby le rone 10 anos atrás

    Hat trick...failed? See u bk at utd soon...best ever!

  • Mo
    Mo 10 anos atrás

    I just jizzed my pants! Like Gary neville would say: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Unnn -belieeevablee

  • Chikano4lif3
    Chikano4lif3 10 anos atrás

    Ronaldo who? ???? 1 ballon D or Messi 4 ballon D or = the best in history

  • Radu bbx
    Radu bbx 10 anos atrás

    at least his is deserved...at least 2 of messi`s are not deserved...

  • 2800 soon
    2800 soon 10 anos atrás

    do you? cuz he is..

  • AfroBotFactory
    AfroBotFactory 10 anos atrás


    FOOTBALL07 10 anos atrás


  • Ryan Zulqudsie
    Ryan Zulqudsie 10 anos atrás


  • Sir
    Sir 10 anos atrás

    ................... yet, it's 1-1.

  • inappropriate comments
    inappropriate comments 10 anos atrás

    11(barça tem didn't liked this)

  • tenseman08
    tenseman08 10 anos atrás

    Ha the guy was doing the harlem shake

  • Ahmedin Jebem Ti
    Ahmedin Jebem Ti 10 anos atrás

    There is NO NO way to hate CR7, why? Because you don't know him. You know a person once you communicated and been in their presence for I would say at least 3 months. Did you even spend 10 seconds talking to CR7? I don't think so. I will tell you why you hate CR7, you're jealous.

  • Akbar Hadiwibowo
    Akbar Hadiwibowo 10 anos atrás

    Malu tuh yang kena wkwkwk

  • Bruno Bernardo
    Bruno Bernardo 10 anos atrás

    UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! they said.. owait

  • kam357
    kam357 10 anos atrás

    and fyi I can spell unbelievable

  • mile_leny tsmem💗
    mile_leny tsmem💗 5 meses atrás

    متا ترجع

  • Riahisama
    Riahisama 10 anos atrás

    wat? wat? wat??

  • Md. Monir Hossain
    Md. Monir Hossain 10 anos atrás


  • money lenny
    money lenny 10 anos atrás

    I know Ronaldo is much better than Sneijder, but that tournament sneijder was better and portugues sucks

  • inappropriate comments
    inappropriate comments 10 anos atrás


  • YUSUF kayra
    YUSUF kayra 3 anos atrás


  • João Fernandes
    João Fernandes 10 anos atrás


  • Ryan Lovett
    Ryan Lovett 10 anos atrás

    Just a cheap Gareth Bale

  • Lee Sheard
    Lee Sheard 10 anos atrás

    cloud key???? jew????

  • Diogo Guedes
    Diogo Guedes 10 anos atrás

    yet you failed.

  • Cee J
    Cee J 10 anos atrás

    ronaldo, you h' are a jew!!

  • Diogo Guedes
    Diogo Guedes 10 anos atrás